Yusuf Islam otherwise known as (CAT STEVENS)

Cat Stevens signing a very old musical magazine of himself

This past weekend I was really lucky to have met Yusuf Islam.  I was always curious to know what he would be like after all these years? Well this weekend he came to Toronto for a conference. He had the most angelic smile, spoke elegantly and told us about his  last 30+ years.  He even sang a few lines for us.

We later went to get our CD signed along with a magazine of Cat’s music which was about 30 years old as well. Well would believe me if I told you that when Yusuf Islam saw that magazine…. he was in amazement when he saw it….with largest grin. It was almost like he was looking at himself from another life…but at the same time saying “yup that was me” fond memories for him.  He asked where we got the magazine and was really pleased to sign it.

I managed to give me a stack of my personal greeting cards as a gift. *yes..I know corny…* but he loved them, and was excited to use them when he got back to the UK…well at least that is what he told me! 🙂

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