Brilliantly Braille

It’s creative and ironically visually attractive.  I am no wine connoisseur…well I actually don’t even drink, but I do know that wine labels are the main marketing force behind selling the bottles. Most of these companies spend thousands even millions of creating the right look for their wine. I’m sure the wine is pretty good…a brilliant label will sell them off the shelves.

When I use to buy wine for friends who did drink I can honestly say that I would go for the labels…I had no idea what the drink was so I went for the coolest looking bottle.  That’s why a Madrid based company Baud decided to incorporate Braille in the design for Lazarus Wine. It was a design innovation never thought of and something that would sell off the selves.  My question would be…How much more expensive is it?

2 thoughts on “Brilliantly Braille

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