Evolution of the Coke bottle.

Left to right: 1899, 1900, 1915, 1916, 1957 and 1986

The evolution of the Coke bottle was not a drastic one once they got past 1899. It went from straight…slightly phallic, to some shape, to a pear-shaped man to a woman with some cures, then she went on a diet…and now seems to have become a cross between the pear-shaped man and curved busty woman.

It’s something visual about the mini bottles that make you want to drink it. I’m not sure why…but all I know is when I see it I want to drink it.

However, if you asked me which I preferred, I would say I  like the bottle from 1899…it’s straight, sexy and would be a great refill water bottle or I would use them to place my spices in as a space saver.  If only they could use modern technology to replace the cork with some sort of metal closure…I would say plastic but that would not be environmentally friendly.

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