Organizing your thoughts!

For those people who have countless pieces of paper with scribbles, ideas and random phone numbers it’s hard to pull it all together and make sense of it. I know the feeling because a long time ago I use to be the same way. I would always go out and get myself a new diary that had really cool cover and hundreds of pages attached to it. However,  after a couple of weeks. months I would discard it and get another, making my my shelf full of books half empty…also making my search for information a lot more difficult.  I knew at one point I needed a system short and sweet, organized  and then move on to another diary.

This Moleskine System might work for you, taking you back to writing with ease.  12 colour coded booklets with easy navigation to your thoughts throughout the year and for the years to come. I know most of you also have note books, but have a hard time remembering which one you wrote in. This system can help organize your life, by discontinuing it at the end of each month regardless of how many pages you have left.  Making your archives easier to find than the way you have it.  It’s something I currently do with some of my work, but I too am looking to order one of these.

Moleskine is a British based company which sells its diaries across the globe. To find where they are selling in your city you can click here to see.

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