Object filled fonts

It’s 5:00 pm (eastern time), I was just finishing up work for the day when I came across one of my favorite blogs Notcot.  There was this really cool article that was done on a font that was filled with objects. V-Magazine designed a new font that the fill was made up of many different objects.

It’s actually cool when you look  upclose, you can see all the tiny objects that are within each letters such as shoes, purses, TV, iphone, masks, snowflakes and other cute little items. They used the font in different colours and it worked  nicely.  It is very clever and the shots taken by Notcot are great showing the font up close.

What is great about it, is the noise level it has. You would use the font to make a statement as they did in the magazine from what I could tell….and in that statement there was some wonderful tension that made the font have the really exciting appeal to it.

First item tomorrow morning….. run out and get me a copy of V.

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