Light Calligraphy

Julien Breton, a man from Nantes France started off as calligraphy as a hobby has now mastered the art of calligraphy using the Arabic style of Kaalam.  He started out by imitating contemporary Arabic calligraphers back in 2001.  To avoid making errors by not using the Arabic language properly he developed his own “Latin based” alphabet script.

After some time he discovered a new form of art which was called “Light-graff” process. This was actually a more complex form of art as it incorporated not only calligraphy but language, choreography, photography and video artists….but he did it. By that point he moved from using the traditional ink to a modern use of light. Later he joined a group called Digital slaves where they create real-time calligraphy.

His work speaks for itself…inspiring and visually stimulating. I aspire to have one of his pieces one day.

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