5 Secrets to Problem Solving

I have always loved Michael Beirut’s theory on design and the dealings with clients. I have been lucky to have heard him a few times and every time seems to be not only inspiriting but informative. He always seems to remind me of things that I already know but enforces “trust your gut”.  A while ago I started to follow his “5 secrets to problem solving”.  To my surprise it all seems to work.

One of my favorite talks of his was when he was explaining to a room full of designers to listen to the client. Many times as designers we tend not to be able to let go.  We can’t seem to create a division between our work and what the client really needs. Obviously we are passionate people…but the key really is to listen carefully to what the client is talking about. The client actually tells you all the secrets on what he/she needs and how they want it. It’s something that Michael said in a lecture once about a year ago…and every since that day I really have implemented it into my work.

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