Lee McQueen – His Last Collection

Just posted his last collection shown for spring 2010.

I remember hearing the news of the death of Lee McQueen February 11, 2010 …only days after I sent him a twitter message with condolences of the loss of his mother.  Back when I was at Ryerson Fashion School, I remember working on projects that were McQueen inspired. The main fascination I had with him  was his use of new technology and innovation which added a different twist to his runway shows and often freaked the audiences.  The beauty to me was how he merged fantasy and rebellion all in one look.  Today I am not a Fashion designer but a Graphic Designer who still takes inspiration from his work, his fabrics, his use of colours and geometrics.  On a typography note….I would have to say I love that Q.  His copyright symbol inside the Q was clever and well placed. I would have changed a few things if I were designing it but over all it really is a lovely logo!

This is a look at his last collection for Spring 2010. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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