Making digital publishing beautiful.

The online world has moved close towards Idea Sharing. Nothing new, I started to realize that when my friend Imran Ali told me about the  blogging world then twitter, delicious and flickr many many years ago (in fact he was the one who bought me my first Flickr account!).

Sharing  ideas, designs, thoughts online is another  method of inspiration. My daily routine of readings is a few of my favorite blogs, some news, and then coming to Issuu.

“Issuu turns your documents into beautiful online publications. Publish to an audience of millions and get your message across to anyone, anywhere.”

It’s a great tool to use to publish those pieces with some graphics and have the world read them. There are many types of books being published here. Everything from Wedding albums, Business Strategies, Presentations, Poetry and many others. There are many categories you can publish in and it is as simple as just uploading your file.

Something worth checking out!

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