MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch

I  must say I am a sucker for gadgets! Maximilian Busser known for his usual designed unveiled his latest pieces called the MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch. This watch is truly the art and science of measuring time all in one. The aviation inspired watch  features two bullet-like chambers encasing the time display and power reserve, encased around the HM4 engine.  The engine took 3 years to develop and has 300 parts. The engine and display are enclosed in a titanium case back and sapphire case, both of which combine for over 200 hours of machining for the exterior itself.

The design Maximilian Brusser’s created was inspired by his childhood passion for playing and assembling model plane kits.  The beauty of this watch is not just the aesthetics but that every single feature on the watch has a technical purpose nothing is superficial.

Price tag going with this stunning piece of art is a whopping $158,000. Hmm….are there really people out there who would buy a watch at that price? I suppose if it were me…I would say it was justifiable as an art piece.  Unfortunately it is not sold in Canada but can be found in LA, Mexico, London, Paris, Milano, Berlin, Moscow and Kuwait.

I am personally available to be a part of the test group to see if this watch really works!  Anyone?!

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