Bollywood Posters

Main Entry: Bol·ly·wood
Pronunciation: \ˈbä-lē-ˌwu̇d\
Function: noun
Etymology: Mumbai (Bombay), traditional center of the Indian film industry and Hollywood
Definition: the motion-picture industry in India

Despite making far less revenue than Hollywood, Bollywood actually sells more tickets and makes more movies than Hollywood. Until recently Bollywood was known more for its quantity rather than quality. You can see the quality in the movies improving and just as the their demographics are increasing.

Over the years you were able to see the different trends from only their movies, now you can see them through their graphic elements in the posters. Arguably, much of the artistic quality of Bollywood film posters has been lost as movie studios have moved to more western poster design in an attempt to appeal to a global market. For me, I find it sad to see the original elements in their posters being lost, however, seeing their modern approach is also refreshing.  I personally would like to see more of a mixture in their designs rather than just trying to be like Hollywood.  Bollywood should celebrate the fact that they are unique in all aspects. “Uniqueness” – something many strive to achieve.

Of course I am anxious to go see Dabangg starting Salman Khan, yes we know he is talented in so many ways especially at removing his shirt.

via Classic Glassock

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