Birds on a Wire

I love these types of stories when the human eye can look beyond and the creative mind does its work.  This is something that we as humans all possess except some chose not to tap into it.  All I know is after seeing that I have been able to see it on a daily basis as I drive by power lines….I can never see them the same anymore, and I am grateful!

Jarbas Agnelli from Brazil, 46 saw a random photo he came across one day and being that he was a creative thinker his eyes saw musical notation to the way those birds were sitting on the wire.  He contacted the original photographer and an Editor to create a story. The score is his interpretation of the photograph.  He claims there was not photoshop work done to the photo and this was just an amazing coincidence that the positioning of the birds was actually a beautiful score when created.

“The more you train your brain to think in all directions, and to overcome limitations, the more prepared you are for your work, be it advertising, film production, music, writing, design, or whatever field that uses creativity as its motor horse. And beside being a training, doing such free exercises is so much fun.”

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