“Cuz I gotta have faith”

My husband had given me his license plate (THX GOD) when we got married a few years back as a gift to me knowing how much it would mean. While driving this plate around the last 3 years I can’t tell you how many people stopped me saying how much they enjoyed the license plate and others who would just give me the largest smile…and others who said I had made their day.

I never thought I would run into another person who had the same thought process. I had to stop and snap a picture.  The gentle man asked what faith I was and I responded with ” I am Muslim”He smiled.

I have to admit there is nothing like the sharing of a  moment with the followers of the God of Abraham.…..and now I am sharing it with the world!

George Michaels said it best: “Cuz I gotta have faith,  I gotta have faith”

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