New interpretation of the Starbucks logo

Starbucks the Seattle-based coffee giant unveiled its new logo marking the company’s 40th anniversary. I suppose this is a good way to get the chain back in the news and back on the tongues of people. Let’s hope they don’t have to raise prices due to the large cost of the rebranding as well as the rising coffee prices. Well we know they are locked in for a year on price for their coffee.

“The new interpretation of the logo, at its core, is the exact same essence of the Starbucks experience, and that is the love we have for our coffee, the relationship we have with our partners, and the connection we build with our customers,” Howard Schultz, chief executive of Starbucks, says in a video explaining the logo change on Starbucks’ home site.

Personally I am not one for change. I was hoping they would keep the rings, yet tweak the twin-tailed mermaid. I was never a big fan of her.. When I was in Madina, Saudi Arabia I had seen the modified logo without the Mermaid…and personally I loved it the most!

{ Saudi Arabia photo via Roobee }



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