Someone recently told me that the entire concept of  the monarchy was a waste of time and tax payers money at work. Well although I can not argue the point of the tax payers hard-earned dollars,  I do know what they mean to me. I suppose as a child it was all those fairy tales that I read, perhaps it was watching the Princess Diana and Prince Charles wedding back in 1981 at age of 7.  Its something that I as a simple person will never experience, so a glimpse into their lives  is like watching a great Soap or a classic black and white movie.  So for the last year I have been so excited for this event…everything British made me happy…yes I was sucked into it all!

This morning I woke up at an unheard of time to make it to my basement to watch an event that would bring a bit of joy to my heart.  In preparation I went all out, bought English Jam, Apple Scones, potato Scones, Yorkshire Tea and ate it all in my fine china. I even had a tea-pot that was given to me from my Aunt Natalie who collected English China.  To my surprise my husband got into the action and came down to watch and enjoy in my happiness.

Kate Middleton’s Dress was breathtaking and Prince William looked dashing. Memories of  the late Princess Diana were in my mind, and her State funeral was lingering in my thoughts as well.  I however was so happy to be apart of a wonderful experience and look forward for another Royal Event in the future.

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