Tesco Homeplus Virtual Subway Store in South Korea

At first I was not really fond of the idea but then I realized with the changing world and the increase in technology why not?

Tesco Homeplus  an online grocery shopping company. They managed to come up with a concept that worked with the lifestyle of South Koreans.

South Koreans live a very busy life and  mostly  travel by subway.  Tesco Homeplus decided  “let the store come to the people”. They put up posters (or Virtual marketing) which mimicked the store itself.

Tesco Homeplus created an app which allowed the consumers to be waiting for their train and scan their desired grocery list. Each product has a scan bar which works with the phone app. You check out and by the time you get home your grocery is waiting for you at the front steps.

Different from Gateway? I think so…difference is that Tesco Homeplus is coming to you…giving you tools during your busy day to make your life slightly easier.

A great concept which just shows us how busy our lives are becoming that we can’t even  take the time to buy some food!

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