My beloved Hermès

Thierry Hermès was a visionary back in 1837. He started with the leather saddles and then in the 1930’s openned shop in Paris where the scarf was created. It was a very successful item at that time and still remains one of their hottest sellers. Today they have designed  fabric that has a light scent embedded with in which leaves a scent on your skin while wearing it. Al thought it will only stay up to 5 washes, it still was a clever idea.  I have always loved their  rich colours and their elegant to comical patterns used. They have a great sense of humour when it comes to creative design.

Recently I was mailed a brochure by their head office with their fall collection which included their current and unique styles of their scarves. The brochure was the perfect coffee table magazine with the most inspiring design details along with the most visually appealing photographs. It was a clever booklet with colours that flew off the page.

Currently I own two Hermes scarves, but I think I am needing another one very soon!

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