All I want for Christmas…

The beautiful colours of Japanese Matcha Tea always makes me smile. There is something about that emerald-hued powder that already makes me feel better.  I was introduced to this tea about two years ago by a friend of mine, who understood my love for tea which hits the soul.  Of course I went out and bought some…and the high price  made it just a tiny bit, but it was worth every sip…it has this sweet flavor that was just so difficult not to love it! So all I want for Christmas this year is a tin of Matcha!

A brief history lesson for some of you who do not know what Japanese Matcha tea is that it has been used for over 1,000 years. In the 12th century a Japanese Zen monk created this powdered tea which he introduced to the people of Japan.  It was tea leaves that were ground down to a very fine powder which was frothed and then drunk. It was then made popular by the Samurai class  in the late 1300’s to the mid 1500’s as they us to use tea ceremonies to show their particular social class.  They did not just drink the tea it was about the creating of the tea by using the right utensils as well as the perfect number of whisks it took to have the tea just right. The polularity kept rising due to love of being in a  high social class. Throughout history it kept growing in popularity and got more and more refined and more exclusive.

The process of how Matcha tea is made is very extensive and true Matcha is made by tencha tea leaves, other teas resembling it may be made with sencha or lower grades of green tea which of course can be spotted by the colour. Another way you can tell if its real is by the price tag…it will be high! Reason for that is because Matcha is pulled once a year.

Anyhow enough about the history. Today Matcha is used in many different products and then attached with a higher price tag as people who know about the tea are willing to pay the extra to not only have it in their beverage but as well as in their products like soaps, body scrups and so on.

I hope you have a chance to have a cup of Japanese Matcha tea, and I hope I get a tin for Christmas…did you hear that dear?!

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