my fascination with tattoos

There is something about Tattoos that I have always loved. Part of me wishes I had gotten one done in my youth when I could blame it on being young and carefree. Don’t get me wrong there are many tattoos that I have seen that have been just aweful, bad design, bad colour and really bad placement!  Im talking about the tattoos that have a story, a purpose and a really thought out design. I have always been fond of being apart of this society, I’m not sure why, but I have always been drawn towards the idea of art on your body. (i am a chicken though!)

This particular image I had posted to my pinterest via (tt pictures on VisualizeUs) and the amazing thing was how many people repinned this image….it was like this photo was talking directly to each person who saw it.  When I first saw it there was something about the melange of colour that was so inspiring along side with the content look this woman had on her face.


One thought on “my fascination with tattoos

  1. Nice to know I’m not the only one fascinated with tattoos! I’ve loved them for a long time and sometimes it is hard to explain why. Been thinking about writing something similar. While I do have a bunch of them, I just blame them on my blatant love for them instead of my youth! Thanks 🙂

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