The Ladurée Dream

I am yet to go to the Ladurée Paris Shop but my best friend brought me back a box from Paris the last time she was there on business. I was suppose to share with my hubby, but I don’t do well on sharing desserts…especially ones that come from Paris!

A while ago I was at the Ladurée website and thought how sad that they are such a fabulous shop but had such a sucky website. I am glad to see that they have changed their look since. Its fun, whimsical and gives you a bit of an experience going through it. I would have done some things different but a definite improvement from before.

The one thing they did get right from the beginning was the packaging! Everything about it screams elegance, luxury and opulence.  The shade of green used was a clever choice as that particular shade of green is know to go with almost any pop colour next to it, which is almost every piece they sell!  All I know is that I had wonderful experience from the moment that box was put  into my hands, from opening it to eating it! For your experience watch this cute video!

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